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3 Ways to Navigate Sex with Fibroids

Posted on January 02, 2024

Painful sex with fibroids can result from these non-cancerous growths developing in your uterus, your uterine lining or via stalk-like attachment to the uterine surface. In turn, you may become anxious about sex and lose your desire to connect. But you don't have to.

Remember, while it may be uncomfortable, sex with fibroids is sex. What it does require, however, is open lines of communication, as well as understanding and support between you and your partner. From there, you can work together to navigate intercourse in ways that feel good for both of you.

Navigating Sex with Fibroids

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If you've had painful sex since your fibroid diagnosis, you may be hesitant about trying again. Here's an approach that can counter your fear, and your discomfort:

1. Start with foreplay

Worried that intercourse will be painful? Give yourself time to relax, and let y our body prepare itself for penetration, by spending plenty of time on foreplay.

2. Move around

Depending on the location of your fibroids, some positions may hurt, while others will feel great. Be prepared to experiment a little, until you find positions that are conducive to enjoyment.

3. Reconsider the definition of intimacy

In some cases, penetration will hurt until you treat your fibroids. If that's the case, you can still connect intimately with your partner, whether that means holding hands on a long walk, or discovering other physical connections to emphasize. Either way, it's important to remember that intercourse is not the only way to build an intimate connection.

Treatment Resolves the Pain of Sex with Fibroids

Want to resolve painful sex for good? Explore your fibroid treatment options with our Georgia fibroid experts, offering Uterine Fibroid Embolization, a minimally invasive treatment that shrinks fibroids without surgery. You don't even have to stay overnight in the hospital!

Now, after UFE, you will have to abstain from intercourse for at least one week. Afterward, however, sex should dramatically improve, according to the results of this 2017 study, which showed that 80% of UFE patients enjoyed better sexual health one year following their procedures. Ready to feel better in bed?

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