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Can Sperm Cause Fibroids to Grow? Important Information

Posted on October 05, 2023
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Up to 80% of women develop non-cancerous tumors of the uterus—called fibroids—by the time they turn 50. To date, science hasn’t determined the precise reason why these tumors form. However, we do know that your race, family history, hormones and exposure to certain chemicals can increase your risk.

Now, even after developing fibroids, most women can still have children. Still, fibroids can impact both your fertility and your subsequent pregnancy, depending on the location, size and number of tumors that you’re dealing with. Clearly, fibroids impact fertility. But can sperm affect your fibroids, causing them to grow larger?

Unfortunately, many women worry that trying to get pregnant will make their fibroids grow larger. So, today, we’re examine if there is any scientific evidence to back claims that sperm exposure is linked to fibroid growth.

Does Exposure to Sperm Trigger Fibroid Size Increases?

Put simply, that is not possible. There is not one piece of research that links sperm exposure to fibroid growth.

In fact, fibroid growth seems to begin with an abnormal division in just one cell of smooth muscle from the wall of your uterus. Then, how quickly those fibroids grow in size or number may depend on your hormonal levels, how much blood flow they receive, and certain genetic mutations. However, the presence of sperm will not affect their growth.   

So, if someone tells you that sperm is responsible for fibroid growth, just know that this is a baseless claim. Worse, it’s one that can create more tension and concern as you embark on a new fertility journey. And, now that you know this rumor isn’t true, we hope you won’t be worrying and wondering, “Does sperm make fibroids grow?”

A better area of focus for you if you’re hoping to have a baby with fibroids? These tumors can enlarge your uterus. They may also block sperm’s access to your released egg, making it difficult for fertilization or implantation to occur. For that reason, it may be best to explore fibroid treatment options with our Atlanta specialists before attempting to start or grow your family.

Fibroids and Infertility: Keeping Sperm out of the Conversation

As we already stated, sperm won’t impact fibroids, but fibroids can keep sperm from fertilizing your egg—and, those growths can have other impacts on fertility as well!

For some women, fibroids lead to a change in the cervix shape, keeping sperm from even entering your uterus.  Developing fibroids can also block the fallopian tubes, keeping eggs from releasing for fertilization. And, while sperm doesn’t make fibroids grow, the hormones that release during pregnancy can, so tumors that are small before you conceive could grow along with your fetus.

If that happens, your risk for miscarriage will increase. Also, larger fibroids make it more likely that you’ll need a c-section. They can also lead to premature births, and place limits on the growth of your embryo, prompting many women to treat their fibroids before trying to get pregnant.

Pre-Conception Atlanta Fibroid Care

Fibroids don’t have to stop you from building the family you’ve always dreamed of. And there are non-surgical ways to treat these growths without removing your uterus. In fact, here at our Atlanta fibroid center, we offer uterine fibroid embolization, a minimally invasive treatment that effectively shrinks and eliminates fibroids, making it easier for you to overcome challenges to fertility and pregnancy.  

Ready to see if you’re a candidate for UFE? Reach out to our office today, or click here to schedule the earliest available appointment.

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