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How to Choose the Right Birth Control with Fibroids

Posted on May 29, 2024

If you need to take birth control with fibroids, you need to be aware of how your choice will impact your fibroid symptoms. You see, when you have fibroids, you may find symptom relief with oral birth control or by implanting an IUD. However, every woman is different. Plus, in some cases, medications can trigger fibroid growth. That's why you should always talk to a doctor before making a decision about birth control. And, when you do, you should always ask, what's the best birth control for fibroids?

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What is the Best Birth Control for Fibroids?

The right birth control for you may depend on the symptoms you're experiencing. If you suffer from heavy periods, a hormone-based birth control may be your best option. (Choices include birth control pills as well as an IUD.) Benefits include reduced menstrual flow. And, accoording to this study on Black women who start taking oral birth control before the age of 17 may reduce their fibroid risk. However, oral birth control can also trigger fibroid growth, so discuss this option carefully with your doctor.

But what if painful menstrual cramps are bothering you? In that case,, you may wish to consider a NuvaRing, since this form of birth control is meant to reduce this symptom linked to both fibroids and PMS.

Now, women with a high risk for blood clots or strokes should avoid hormonal birth control. And this medication may not be safe if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or certain types of cancers. However, if your health doesn't prevent you from taking these forms of birth control with fibroids, you may find temporary symptom relief from one of the options mentioned above.

Here at Georgia Fibroids, it's our mission to help you find relief from fibroids. Want to discuss your birth control options? We're ready to give you some guidance. Ready to discover if you're a candidate for minimally invasive fibroid treatment? Click here to request a consultation .

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