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Period Cramps: Why You Get Them, And How to Relieve the Pain

Posted on June 17, 2024

During your period, your uterus contracts so its lining can shed. But that can give many women painful period cramps. Sometimes, they're not that bad, especially if you don't have such high levels of the prostaglandin hormone. (It tightens and relaxes your uterus during the menstrual period.) Sometimes, though, as these men learned from a simulation machine, period cramps can be bad enough to keep you from getting through your day.

Now, in some cases, period cramps are caused by fibroids. (That may be the case if you also pass large clots or experience heavy bleeding during your cycle.) In that case, you may need to seek medical treatment to permanently relieve monthly discomfort. However, while you research your treatment options, you could find some comfort from these five tips for managing cramping!

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5 Ways to Relieve Period Cramps

Here are five easy tips for helping you relieve your cramps.

1.       Try soaking in warm water or placing a heat pad on the lower abdomen. This can relax the muscles in the uterus, which should relieve some of the discomfort of your period cramps.

2.       Try exercise with fibroids (or even if you don't have them) in order to manage cramping. Because getting in a sweat session releases pain-fighting endorphins in your body, simply moving for about 45 minutes on the first few days of your period can help you feel better.

3.       A little bit of pampering with a soothing massage or yoga class may help alleviate painful period cramps.

4.       You may also find pain relief with over-the-counter medications like Advil, Tylenol or Motrin.

5.      Finally, if you have fibroids and want a longer lasting solution to your painful period cramps (without surgery!) we invite you to look into Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) in Georgia. An ideal option for people who want to avoid overnight hospital stays and general anesthesia, you can learn more about this procedure by requesting an appointment with our Georgia fibroid specialists!

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