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What Can I Do About Fibroids Bloating?

Posted on January 29, 2024

If fibroids bloating is making life uncomfortable, you may be seeking treatment. But will addressing your fibroids get rid of the bloat? In this post, we'll review how treatment for fibroids can relieve unwanted symptoms. First, though, let's learn a bit more about these uterine growths.

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Why do we get fibroids?

Science hasn't identified a clear reason why some women develop fibroids, and others don't. However,
we know that these growths usually aren't cancerous and that they're made up of fibrous muscular tissue. We also know that your fibroids risk may be higher if you have family members with fibroids; if you are Black woman; or if you've been exposed to hormone disrupting chemicals like those in many hair relaxing products.

Fibroids Bloating and Other Symptoms

When you have fibroids, you may experience symptoms such as heavy menstrual periods. Plus, some fibroids can put pressure on your bladder or rectum, impacting urination and bowel movements. But why do fibroids cause bloating?

Well, some women (especially those with large or penduculated fibroids that develop outside your uterus) experience stomach distenstion because of their growths. Sometimes, that bloating is mild. But some women say it's bad enough to make them look pregnant. And that was the case for Entertainment Tonight host Nischelle Turner, who vented on X (formerly Twitter): "When I was suffering from fibroids a few months ago my stomach swelled and so many people kept saying oh you’re pregnant or asking if I was…they didn’t know I had tumors, but it was also none of their business. Mind ya tongue…"

UFE: A Weapon Against Fibroids Bloating?

When you have disruptive fibroid symptoms, so many parts of your daily life are impacted. For some women, that means trying to address each symptom individually. But a more sustainable option is to treat the fibroids themselves, and root out your symptoms at the source of their cause.

Now, for years, women were told that the only way to get rid of fibroids was to have a hysterectomy. But today, you can shrink your tumors while avoiding surgery, thanks to UFE, or Uterine Fibroid Embolization. This minimally invasive fibroid treatment option shrinks your tumors, relieving symptoms like heavy bleeding and bloating in the process. And you can find that relief without general anesthesia or staying overnight in the hospital! Want to learn if UFE will provide your pathway to relief? Click here to request an appointment[/ga-app-link] with our Georgia fibroid specialists.

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