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What's Causing my Enlarged Uterus?

Posted on March 03, 2024

Because several conditions can cause you to develop an enlarged uterus, it can be difficult to find an accurate diagnosis. However, by understanding the different ways that each condition affects your health, we can help you figure out what's causing your symptoms. And that's exactly what this post will help you do!

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What Causes an Enlarged Uterus?

If you have an enlarged uterus, exploring additional symptoms could help you get to the root cause of this change in size. Here are some conditions that can affect uterine size, along with additional warning signs and symptoms.


When you have endometriosis, uterine tissue can form in other parts of your body, often affecting the size of your uterus. But that won't be your only symptom. Additionally, women with endometriosis may experience pelvic pain, heavy menstrual periods and infertility, among other symptoms.


With fibroids, your uterus could expand. But these muscular tumors could also cause other symptoms, including back pain, constipation, incontinence and more.


In rare cases, an enlarged uterus could be a symptom of endometrial cancer. But because it's a possibility, you should talk to your healthcare provider immediately if you notice symptoms of uterine enlargement.

How to Detect an Enlarged Uterus: Signs and Symptoms

If you are experiencing uterine enlargement, you may also develop a bloated abdomen; long, painful or heavy periods; or pain with sex. During your period, you may pass large clots. And your pain could extend to include discomfort in the back, legs or pelvis. Finally, you may experience pain with sex and/or changes to bowel movements and urinary frequency.

Treatment for an Enlarged Uterus

Clearly, many different conditions could change the size of your uterus. And each one could impact your health in a variety of ways. For that reason, you should ask for help as soon as you notice symptoms of uterine enlargement.

Are you living with pelvic pain, bloating, or painful, heavy menstrual period? Reach out to your healthcare provider right away. Then, if fibroids are causing your enlarged uterus, our Georgia fibroid specialists can help! Just Click here to request an appointment

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